A Complete Subscriber Management Solution with CRM

A tech startup specialized in supply-chain fin-tech, dedicated to supporting the digitization revolution of different industries with our product BillerQ.

What is BillerQ

BillerQ is an Industry fit customizable subscriber/subscription management system designed by an Indian tech startup Quadleo, That can manage

  • Invoicing
  • Plan/Package Management
  • Payment Collection
  • Complaint Management
  • Subscription Management
  • Online Customer Management

and many more

Web-Based Admin Dashboard

To manage and monitor the entire system flow

Mobile App for Collection

To take orders and collect payments

Mobile App for Customers

To place orders/ subscribe service, make payments and register complaints

Mobile App for Support Agents

To manage and keep track of complaints and its updates

Use Case

  • Cable TV

  • Broadband

  • Supply Chain

  • Electricity Supply

  • Water Supply

  • Digital Card / Mobile Top-up Chain

  • Waste Management

  • Chit Fund Collection

  • Milk / Newspaper Subscription


Case Study 1


A SaaS-based subscriber management system designed for Cable TV/ Broadband Industry designed by customizing BillerQ, CableNine has 100+ cable TV operators as customers and serving 1 million end customers pan India as Cable TV/Broadband subscribers.

Case Study 2


RKS Brunei

  • A waste management company from Brunei, they are using a customized version of BillerQ to automate their entire process cycle, they are serving around 4k subscribers by using BillerQ.